iSimulate Masterclass

Develop skills, knowledge and confidence to teach others using the iSimulate technology suite.
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Course description

iSimulate Masterclass is a 1 day course focusing on developing the skills, knowledge, and confidence to use iSimulate technology and equipment for teaching and education purposes.

From educators to healthcare experts this masterclass will help you improve your teaching and instruction using iSimulate technology so you can create scenarios and deliver education programs in your organisation.

What is iSimulate?

iSimulate is a revolutionary simulation system. Starting with 2 Tablets, REALITi and CTGi are cutting-edge patient monitor simulators that adeptly replicate monitoring devices, defibrillators, and ventilators. With iSimulate, you can craft a full-fledged on-site simulation featuring live video streaming, CPR feedback, multiple display units, and a simulated patient record. iSimulate offers in situ training options with the control on site or it can be remotely managed over the internet. Its adaptability ensures its relevance across various environments such as simulation suites, in-hospital department-based training, university settings, pre-hospital situations, and much more. iSimulate’s portability and quick setup empowers you to facilitate any simulation, any time.

What you will learn

The iSimulate Masterclass course teaches you to use the REALITi and CTGi technology and how it integrates with the Atlas manikin.

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Other Course Information

Educators and healthcare experts with simulation and medical education roles or those wanting to improve their teaching skills using iSimulate technology.

There are no formal prerequisites for this course. Pre-course materials are sent 2 weeks prior to the course.

Neat casual clothing and enclosed footwear suitable for safe practice of the skills including hands-on CPR.

Catering is provided throughout the course. We can cater for a range of dietary requirements. Please advise of dietary requirements when enrolling for the course.

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