1. Absolute garbage management. I booked the course in advance. Being a rural doctor, I have to travel 2.5hrs from where I practice.
    Being a GP, you are at risk of catching any bugs which I did, unfortunately. You know that its going to last for a week and going to get worse before it gets better. I tried to reschedule it on medical grounds but on 2nd enquiry, I was declined. No empathy at all.
    Will try to attend course on Sunday if I’m still breathing. But will not recommend this organisation to anyone which doesnt have any empathy.
    Thank You Parasol.
    If I attend the course, I will not comment the content or facilities as my comments will be taken as biased.

    1. Hello Tabish.

      I am sorry you feel that we treated you unfairly. We make it clear in the form that we require 30 days notice to cancel and you accepted this condition. We cannot replace you at short notice due to the ARC Rules. To assist, we did offer that you could substitute your place on the course at no cost, but cancellation is not an option.

      It is not that we do not have empathy, but the courses are run at the lowest cost we can, and to have a cancellation at the last minute is out of our control.

      Similar conditions exist on most course centres.

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